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Weplay Cookie Festival
Party time! Let’s help Cookiemen dress up as cool as we can. Ready to add some color(s) to Cookiemen? We have got Apple Green, Cheese Yellow, Milk White and Strawberry Red. All the colors fit perfectly with Cookiemen! Doll them up, let’s get on the Banana Base and rock the party!
Suitable age:
1.5 years & up
0.73 kg
0.12 cuft
1. Super-appealing Cookiemen in colors feature a myriad of assembling, piecing and stacking funs.
2. Unique banana base design can be used as a rocking bar for a more challenging practice as well as a base with notches for firmer stacking play.
3. Interchangeable lids are ideal for playing mix-and-match and coloring games, for developing children’s imaginations.
4. The outer perimeter of Cookiemen with a ruffled edge provide tactile stimulations while playing and make stacking easy and fun!
5. Special cookiemen design allows children to open the lids and place beans, beads or any other materials they choose inside to create 6. different sound effects and alter the weight. This stacking and balancing game is so much fun!
Play Value
1. Enhance children’s fine movement stability through unlimited stacking fun.
2. Enrich creative thinking from 2D piecing to 3D stacking games.
3. Level up children’s concentration and frustration tolerance through the stacking process.
4. The unique banana base design can be used as a rocking bar to add an extra challenge and provide different levels of stacking fun to increase children’s symmetry and balance concepts.
5. Children can improve fine motor skills and enjoy the interactive play by mixing and matching the Cookiemen with interchangeable various color lids.
6. Advance children’s color cognition and sequence concept by playing the color identifying game.
Cookieman: 7.8 × 8 × 1.8 cm
Banana Base: 21 × 10.5 × 4.8 cm

Components: Cookieman 16 pcs, Banana Base 1 pc
PARTS 33pcs
Cookieman Lid Strawberry Red 4
Apple Green 4
Cheese Yellow 4
Milk White 4
Box Dark brown 8
Light brown 8
Banana Base 1
Materials include: PP, PE

Country of origin: Taiwan
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