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  • 2013 / 01 / 04
  • “3-in-1” Mathematics Could be Fun!

In 21st century, parents have viewed the intelligence education as the most important issue, especially in the Mathematics. Parents want their kids to win at the starting point. Mathematics contain Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus; most of parents think that it is a hard subject to learn. Due to this, parents think memorizing all the formulas helps kids to learn math better. However, memorizing the formula without truly understanding the meaning makes kid hard to absorb the knowledge.

Think in The Way Kids Think

 Mathematics is not only memorizing the formula.  From kids’ viewpoint, they have to distinguish the shape first, then analyze, and integrate the feature of each shape. After understanding all the concepts, they may be able to answer the critical question. It is not an easy task for kids to learn the Mathematics in a short time. However, we can use “three in one” Method to avoid kids’ “Mathematic Phobia”.

       What is “3-in-1”?

Play and Learn Every Day
The main purpose for learning Mathematics is to solve daily problems, so the best way to learn Mathematics is to learn in daily base.  For example, kids can learn how to do the Mathematic problems when they shop with parents. Parents can teach them how to count the money at cashier or ask kids to count the quantity they buy.  During daily activities, parents can help kids to learn Mathematics easily.


In addition, recycled milk bottles can be the material for learning capacity. Kids can fill up the container to develop capacity sensory. Children can earn basic math concept through daily experiences.

2. Let Kids Explore by Themselves

Due to the over protecting kids, it may decrease kids’ learning ability. For example, many parents may solve some critical problems for kids to save time. In this case, kids will not have enough time to think and understand the real meaning about the question. When the kids find out they can depend on their parents for getting the answer easily, they will not try themselves. Therefore, parents should let kids explore by themselves, so the kids have more room for progress and growth.


During kids’ learning process, we need to give them enough support and encourage them to do by themselves. Besides this, we can also provide physical movement and cognitive development equipment to kids to help them learning Mathematic actively.  

3. Never Just Look at the result, but also the process.

Process is more important than results. In Mathematics, parents may ask their kids to memorize multiplication table. Once the kids memorize it, parents think children already know how to do the multiplication problem. The truth is, kids do not know how to do it; they just memorize it as “technical term”, it just like memorize the lyrics of songs. Kids do not understand how the answer comes from; they do not understand the process. Due to this, parents need to explain the process to kids.


The way parents teach their kids is very important. They need to show and work with kids patiently. Kids are like stones, we need to use different way to grind the stone and polish the stone. Parents’ attitude is the most important impact on kid’s learning process.  

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