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  • 2013 / 01 / 04
  • Role Play . Free Kids' Imagination

Role play is the most popular game for the kids, and kids love it! Kids always want to imitate their parents. For example, a little boy likes to wear business suit so he can be like his dad. A little girl likes to wear make up so she can be like her mom. Kids also like to play with kitchen set, table set…etc. Role Play is the way kids can develop their creativity. During the game, kids can learn more real life experience.


Today’s children grow up surrounded by TVs, computers, and Video games; a lot of them do not have opportunities to play outdoors. With the birthrate continuing decline, many children lack of experience in sibling interaction. Due to this, parents should choose some products that promote physical activities and positive interactions for their kids.


How to Choose Role Play Toys for Kids


* Parents can choose the role play toys that are really close to the real ones. For example, parents can choose the toys that look like real fruits to increase kids’ recognition.


* Parents need to choose the products which meet safety criteria and also be careful about small parts or small balls because younger kids may swallow accidentally.


* Role play toys need to be cleaned often because kids may put them in their mouth.




When buying a toy, parents do not have to choose based on the gender. Girls can play boy-like toys, and boys can play girl-like toys. Respecting each other is an important issue between both genders. Every toy has its own function; kids can learn different experience from it.


Role play is an essential element in childhood. Parents and teachers can join the game to create good communication with kids.  Parents and teachers can also be good audiences, but don’t forget to give kids the biggest applause at the end of the show!    


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