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  • 2013 / 01 / 04
  • Satisfying a Kid's Desire for Climbing.
Don’t look down on these simple actions such as crawling or climbing; these have a close relation with kid’s growth.
“Jessie, why do you climb up the sofa again? Get down as soon as possible!” “Ann, you jump up and down on the bed like a monkey.” These are the familiar situations where the parents have a 2- to 6-year-old kid. Out from their nature, kids like to climb up and down. They are energetic, and love to explore the environment. Especially when kids are good at crawling, running, jumping, etc., they would like to play everything to try their potential.
Little Movement, a Big Part of Future Development
The movement of “climb” satisfies kids’ interests in moving around. Besides, the extension of gross motor helps bone development, and enhances agility and coordination. The movement of “crawl” develops kids’ sense of direction and the ability of controlling bodies. The movement of “slide” helps to develop balance and experience speed. These movements directly affect kid’s emotional stability and perceptional motors. Developing these abilities helps kids to adjust themselves well to life and learning, as well as to integrate their concentration and comprehension.
What You Need to Know Before Buying Play Equipment for Climbing and Crawling
In order to develop kids’ vestibule balance, we can set a place for kids to climb. Before buying the play equipment, we should take the following factors into consideration.
§ Purchase the equipment that is in suitable size to fit our room.
§ Create a game space based on kids’ ability.
§ The climb equipment should be easily assembled, removed, and can be cleaned .
§ Choose the products which are made by durable materials, and have round-cornered design to ensure safety.
§ Soft mats should be put in the game space, and safety measures should be taken.
§ In addition to the play equipment which kids can crawl and climb, a variety of facilities can be used to enrich fun
   during play.
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